June 18, 2019


The Benson Farm Service feed department has a strong team of Dairy Nutrition and Production Specialists. They will work with you to achieve the best production and profits possible from your herd.

All of our nutritionists are supported by a feed delivery staff that’s dedicated to provide you the best quality and services available.

Scott Ellinghuysen
Dairy Nutritionist
[P] 507-458-6493
[E] Email Scott
Chad Kieffer Head ShotChad Kieffer
Dairy Nutritionist
[P] 507-259-4985
[E] Email Chad
Jared Seinola
Beef Specialist
[P] 507-271-2634
[E] Email Jared
Hailey Schultz
Dairy Nutritionist
Calf & Heifer Specialist
[P] 507-259-0066
[E] Email Hailey

We offer a full line of Purina products specializing in dairy and beef feed, but have feed for several other species including swine, goats, sheep, deer, rabbits, birds, and horses. We can also customize rations that are made specifically for the customer.